August 2016

Bilozirya, Cherkassy Region, Ukraine – Sponsored families in the Mercy Projects program come from different regions of Ukraine. Some live in apartments, others have homes. The Parkhomenko family with five children live three hours south of Kyiv in a remote village and survives from hard work on their small farm. The mom Tamara wrote recently to their sponsor:

Nazar and Angelina are home-schooled and help on the farm.

“Hello dear brother Steve!

We sincerely thank you for your love to the Lord and to our family. Mercy Projects told us that you desire to help us with heating our house. I couldn’t hear such news without tears of joy and glorifying the Heavenly Father for His mercy.

We permanently pray about this need. I even wanted to go abroad to earn the money. But the Lord said that if we would set our hopes upon Him and serve Him that He will provide us with all we need. So we stepped out in faith and started a ministry in our village for children from non-believing families. We opened a Christian sports club and minister every Saturday morning. The children play sports games, learn to sing to God, and listen to Bible stories.

God is blessing us materially though we don’t have a permanent job. Thank you that you have a big heart for serving the Lord. The amount of money that we need is just unbelievable. But it is not important because we are the children of Heavenly Father and everything is in His hands.

Today we cover the roof but half remains. Although the rooms on the second floor are not quite ready, the children already sleep there. We divided room in two for girls and boys so far. Please pray for us.”

Tamara and husband Sasha, while little Samuil watches

A Special Surprise Project

Mercy Projects would like to surprise the Parkhomenko family with a financial gift to finish some of the construction work still needed on their home. We know they will be surprised, blessed, and very careful to stretch every Ukrainian dollar to its fullest.

Please consider donationto to the Parkhomenko Family: 


Their sponsor, Steve, recently shared:

“When I visited the Parkhomenko family in 2006, my first impression of them was their incredible happiness. They were so hospitable. They have been through difficult times, but their faith in God is strong and they have an underlying gratitude and enjoyment of each other that gives them joy and strength. The children work on the farm and loved showing us their ducks and vegetable garden.

I am grateful for a chance to help this family because they are healthy, humble Christians who have a heart to serve and glorify God. Their contentment in humble circumstances is inspiring to me, and I know that they are good witnesses for God in their village.”
. . . . . .

The Parkhomenko home needs a roof and interior improvement.

Mr. Parkhomenko, “Sasha,” works full time on the small farm and is able to feed the family. He also works on the house when possible. His wife, Tamara, shared with us on the phone:

“I am a seamstress and I make clothes for the children. I would like to start a business making wedding dresses. When our house is finished, I will have a workshop and can teach my daughters. This is my dream.

I also home-school the children. We started 1½ years ago and we see a big difference in our five kids. It is a lot of work but we press forward. The kids work in the vegetable garden, bring in the hay, and feed the animals.

Most of our farmland is for growing hay to feed the cows. We now have two cows and three calves. God is faithful!

With all our love,
Sasha, Tamara, Ioann, Kristina and Angelina, Nazar and Samuil”

This happy family knows the value of hard work, prayer, and serving the Lord. Let’s surprise the Parkhomenkos.


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