Sasha and her Harp


“If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God!” Dwight L. Moody, Evangelist

We love to brag about your MP sponsored kids.  If you didn’t sponsor them they wouldn’t have stories to be told. What is amazing however, is how so many young people have come to the Lord and are now sharing that hope with others. The impact of sponsorship has primarily been about the spiritual encouragement these children and their families have received.

Listen To The Music of  Oleksandra “Sasha” Akhrymenko

Ten year old Olexandra is an amazingly talented little girl who lives in Kiev with her mother and four siblings. She is a cute little girl, and gifted with an ability to play various musical instruments. She loves music and it comes easy to her. Her life, however, hasn’t been easy.

Her parents were divorced when she was five and her mother raises the children by herself. Her older sister Dasha and her 3-year old son lives with them in a tiny two room apartment. Their father rarely visits as he stated that he wanted a different kind of life.

Despite their difficulties, the mother Oksana radiates kindness and love. She teaches the children to have a positive attitude, to help others in need, to be creative and to work hard. She also teaches them to make crafts and toys that they take to children without parents. Sasha loves to visit orphans and teach them how to be creative and make things.


Sasha began playing the harp 5 years ago and she is now considered the best in Ukraine among her age group. She has won many awards and regularly plays in concerts. The Harp is a rare instrument however, and she does not own one. She must practice on and use the harp at the music arts academy. This restricts her ability to play and practice as often as she needs to.

Sasha’s dream is to have her own harp, a dog, and to one day study at the music conservatory. In the meantime she has taught herself to play the dulcimer and the piano. At 10 years of age she is now writing her own compositions.

Would you like to help buy Sasha her own harp? Do so below and we will forward 100% of the funds to Sasha’s mother, Oksana.  She works hard at various jobs as a cleaner, a dishwasher, and teaches night classes at a local community center. She asks us to pray for her children;  “Please pray for us,” she said. ”Everything is in God’s hands. He will never forsake us.”