Kids Think About Camp

The camp program can be wonderful, however, what do the kids and their families think? Many of them have attended other camps and they have something to compare.  Thus, we asked questions like; “what do you feel about the camp?  Are there any changes in your life? Do you want to come back?”

Olya K. is 12 years old and this was her fifth year.

“Every time when I come here –it’s like coming home. I can’t wait to see my counsellors and I also want to meet new friends and leaders. Once I got a ticket to the other camp called Artek.”  (the best government run camp in Ukraine)   

“Artek is not a Christian camp,” Olya said, “and counsellors remind me of guards.  Here all American and Ukrainian leaders are our close friends, they really love us, and American team members always teach us so many interesting things. This year in a master class I made a wallet out of duct tape!”

Gena Myasnikov, 18 years old, grew up as a child in the child sponsorship program. He attended camp for 10 years, became a Christian, and this year returned for his first time as a camp counsellor.

“I loved coming to the camp because I could meet interesting people. I made friends with Americans and I learned a lot from them. This year I met Grant, Paula, Jonathan, and Debbi. They are great people!”

Gena added: “Camp is an excellent experience of working with children and see how they grow in faith, it helps me grow too. I would love to come back!”

Anton (running on right) is a hyperactive and difficult boy. It was his second time at camp. He commented:

“I love camp counsellors because they keep their word and share candies. I also like Americans because they are strong. You can jump on them and they
will carry you. We don’t need to understand their language, because we can see how their love. But I hate nap time.”Anton doesn’t have a father. His mother said :”Your camp is the only place where my son is accepted and loved by someone else except me.”