Online Fundraising (Optional)

razooThe internet is a powerful tool that people use everyday to gather and share information with people all over the world. Why not use it to get you started on your trip? is an easy and free way for you to start your own fundraiser and share with your friends via email and all your favorite social networks.

The Facts

1) Mercy Projects is registered with (Check out our Razoo Page)

2) You need to set MP as your benefactor of your fundraiser

3) The money is sent directly to MP; donors receive a tax-deductible receipt from Razoo

4) You can track their donations through your fundraiser admin page

How to Get Started

1) Click Here to Get Started 

2) Name your Fundraiser (i.e. John’s Ukraine Trip, Running for a Purpose, etc.)

3) Create an Account

4) Edit, upload pictures, tell your story

5) Share like there is no tomorrow (facebook, twitter, print QR codes on shirts, etc)


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