September 2016

MP Summer Camp #1 in Ukraine, designed for 100 younger campers, was staffed with over 20 counselors trained to touch young lives with God’s love.

Mercy Projects sponsored several Christian camps in Ukraine and one in the Republic of Georgia. An English camp took place in Kosovo. Chaplains traveled to feed the poor and share God’s love. Many hundreds and thousands of young lives heard the gospel. Your love, trust and support have made it possible.

The work required to conduct a fun summer camp for 100 kids over 10 days in incredible. The people who do that work, however, are the real key to fruitful ministry and success.

Mercy Projects is blessed with an abundance of committed camp counselors and staff sharing their hearts and lives with young people at-risk. They love Jesus and love people, and with your financial help, God puts together a team that He uses to transform lives. Almost 600 kids attended camps this summer with your help!
Timothy Anokhin or Tima, is one of our longtime counselors. He is a father of two kids yet every year he commits his free summer vacation to reach kids for Christ.

Ukrainian-Camp-Counselor“I like the MP camps because they are fun, lively, and I work with a great team. I am doing this already 15 years! Because I volunteer at church, I work with youth at-risk, and I know that teens often feel alone or are without guidance. For me personally, the main thing I can do at camp is spend lots of time with these kids. They are from broken families and I want to show them a different way of life with Jesus,” Tima shared.

“It seems like when kids are at camp, they are free to open up, to ask questions, and to discover new things about themselves. We encourage them to do new things, to find new talent or confidence. For me, the main thing is that they discover who Jesus is and begin a new life with Him. This is our prayer.”
“I want Mercy Projects to continue these camps. They are so important. Let’s pray for our own camp one day!”

Chaplain Sasha Received His Van But Now With Cancer, He Urgently Needs Our Prayers

Pastor-Sasha's-VanIn the MP April newsletter we reported that Chaplain Sasha in southern Russia needed a better vehicle for his ministry of visiting prisons and poor families. Supporters of MP responded enthusiastically and Sasha was able to purchase this van. (left)

Today however, as a good soldier of faith, he is marching into battle with stage 4 colon cancer. We just got off the phone with him and he is extremely weak. He has lost over 50 pounds in the last few months. The pain is increasing and doctors recommend rest and pain killers.
“I feel alive and happy only when I minister to the poor families,” Sasha said. His schedule is reduced to once per week. “Thank you for the van,” he said, “it helps us now carry more supplies to forgotten widows and poor grandmothers. My wife Luba is a big help with everything.”A few moments later Luba shared on the phone.

Luba learned to drive and she faithfully continues to help Sasha share God’s love.

“Sasha’s health is very bad, he is terribly weak. The pain is so strong that he cannot help crying. Then I have to make a morphine injection to relieve the pain. The doctor is surprised by Sasha’s optimism, taking into consideration his diagnosis. Sasha believes that he will be fine. We rely on prayer and God’s will.”

Luba continued: “When Sasha became sick, he started preparing me more for the ministry. I had to learn to drive a car. Now I drive to the families and Sasha rests in the car. He also teaches me the computer and paper work. It is very difficult at night. Sasha cannot sleep due to a strong pain and I have always to be near him and help.”

Please Pray for and Support Chaplain Sasha

If you would like to help Sasha and Luba with their medical expenses, please note on the return card “Chaplain Sasha”. We will make sure your support reaches him. You may also send cards of encouragement to our office which we will forward to him.

“It is very difficult for me to talk about my father’s suffering” their daughter Dasha said. I see him suffer every day and night. He doesn’t tell anyone. I want you to pray for him.”

Sasha delivers groceries with the new van and prays with a lonely grandmother not able to leave her home.


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