Krasniqi Family

Kosovo Family #71390 – $29 per month

When we asked Bukurije when her husband died we were shocked when she told us that he had been murdered. In 2006, Bukurie’s husband was shot by his nephew in connection with a family dispute.

She said, “In my village it was a very restricted life. I was not able to go outside.” She moved from her village into town to try to find work to support her boys but there are very few jobs and even fewer for women.

Currently, she’s babysitting the neighbor’s little girls during the summer to try to make some money. She gets €85 social help each month. Her apartment is pretty much just a small kitchen and living room, which doubles as their bedroom, for which they pay €100/month. It is on the top floor which gets pretty hot in the summer.

As we were talking, her boys maintained their very serious demeanors. It must be difficult for them to be without their father but especially because of the way that they lost him. The boys attend the school just across the street from her apartment building where she lives. We let them know that we have kids’ meetings and that they would be very welcome to come. They are also interested in learning English in the church’s English course.

Last year Bukurije tried to flee to Germany with many other economic migrants to work but was turned back at the border. She was referred to us by another widow we help in Carrluk.

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