Nona Kuschenko

Ukraine Child #42014 – $29 per month

Nona is a sweet girl of 6 years old. She lives with her mother Valeria and grandmother Elena. Mother is a single mom who works as a waitress in a cafe and grandmother is retired.

Nona was born as a normal child, but slowly her hearing was becoming worse and worse, and by three years old she became deaf. After that the doctors implanted electrode in her ear. Now the girl can hear partially. She talks slowly and very loud, it’s hard for her, but she is doing her best.

Nona likes to play with children, she is very inquisitive and communicable girl. She likes drawing and modeling. Nona is attending special class for school preparation, she will go to school next year.

Mercy Projects conducts a Child Sponsorship project in Ukraine to keep children at home with their mother or family members. Our goal is to keep children out of orphanages and home with family. Child Sponsorship supports the entire family and is the first step to bringing hope and health to these needy children.
The life of this family is not easy, but these three generations of women living under the same roof do their best to survive and stay loving and caring.

Sponsorship of Nona would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.

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