Oleksandr Matveyev

Ukraine Child #42071 – $29 per month

Olexandr’s family lives in a small village Bilozirye (White Lake) in Cherkassy region, South-East Ukraine. There are eight people living in the a small three-room house: mother Natalya, father Olexandr and six children (three boys – Yevgeniy, Olexandr, Maxym and three girls – Krystyna, Vira, and Nadia).

Olexandr’s father is a builder, and her mother is on maternity leave – Nadia is only six months old.

Olexandr is very talented little boy. He likes to play construction games and also likes to play cars. Out of all the children in the family, he is the most quiet. He can spend hours with his construction games. Recently father bought him an old bike and now Sasha (short for Olexandr) is learning to ride this bike.

There are many pets in the family: a cat, a dog, two hamsters and a goat. Sasha likes goat most of all. He feeds it every day.

The whole family attends local church. Sasha likes going to Sunday school. He is listening to Bible stories very attentively and likes crafts that they have there.

The family asks to pray for the health of father of the family who has problems with his stomach, and for peace in Ukraine.

Mercy Projects conducts a Child Sponsorship project in Ukraine to keep children at home with their mother or family members. Our goal is to keep children out of orphanages and home with family. Child Sponsorship supports the entire family and is the first step to bringing hope and health to these needy children.

Sponsorship of Olexandr would be an encouragement and a blessing to this big family. Please keep them in your prayers.
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