Vladyslav Serdyuk

Ukraine Child #42032 – $29 per month

Vladislav is the only long-awaited child in the family. While being pregnant, his mother relived severe stress (her sister died) and the child was diagnosed with hypoxia. The boy was born with many problems and when he was one year old he was diagnosed with autism.

Vladislav didn’t talk till he was five years old. And parents almost lost the hope that something can improve in the boy’s situation. But three years ago Vladislav started attending Hearts of Love Center for children with special needs, supported by Mercy Projects. He was the member of Special Child Group – the group for children with serious mental problems. After a year of attending the Center, Vladislav started moving his lips and whispering words. The parents couldn’t believe in such a miracle!

Two years ago Vladislav went to special school. He still goes to Hearts of Love Center where he feels the best. The boy likes drawing and sculpting with play dough.

Mercy Projects conducts a Child Sponsorship project in Ukraine to keep children at home with their mother or family members. Our goal is to keep children out of orphanages and home with family. Child Sponsorship supports the entire family and is the first step to bringing hope and health to these needy children.

Vladislav lives with his mother, father and grandmother in four-room apartment in a small town Konotop, north of Ukraine. His father recently lost a job in a private company, but as Lena Yuschenko (director of Hearts of Love Center) said, “This man will never stay without work, he is always seeking and I’m pretty sure he soon will find a job.”

Please pray for Vladislav, his health, and job for his father.

Sponsorship of Vladislav would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.

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