Vovk Family

Ukraine Family #41966 – $29 per month

This foster family was started in 2006 by other parents, but they did not like the conditions of their work and left in 2009. A woman named Valentyna was working at that time recruiting foster parents and found that there were no candidates for this family. Valentyna decided to take over as the foster mother because she was receiving support from her grown-up children, Maxym and Zaryna. She and Zaryna were psychologists by profession and two of them became responible for the Foster home. Zaryna tragically died in 2013, leaving a son Matvey who became a member of the foster family.

Valentyna is on her own now; just her son and step-son are helping from time to time. The family needs a prayer support as Zaryna’s death was a tragedy for the entire family.

There are nine foster children in the family now and Valentyna’s grandson Matvey. They all live in a 5-room apartment. Please pray for physical and spiritual healing of the children, for Valentyna, for their financial well-being and for moving to a new apartment. The children have many health issues; please pray for this too. Sponsorship of this foster home will be a great encouragement to all involved and a sign of God’s love.

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