Update: Camp Photos

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Summer 2016-Ukraine:

Mercy Projects hosted two summer camps back to back in Ukraine for children in the MP Child Sponsorship Program and Foster Family Program. Thank you to all those who donated either their time, finances, or prayed alongside us to reach out to these kids!

We’ve been doing these camps for 20+ years. It is wonderful to see the kids grow up and come back as counselors to reinvest in the Ukrainian youth.

Summer 2016-Georgia:

Mercy Projects had the pleasure of hosting another summer camp for kids from Armenia. It’s a great group of youth that we’ve had the pleasure of working with a few years now. This year we’ve hosted another camp down in the country of Georgia on the Black Sea for these kids.

This ministry has been developing for last few years and we’ve had the pleasure of having some of our MP Ukraine staff join us and help work with the kids in Georgia. Thank you for your support and prayers to make this happen.