Ivankiv Learning Center

Ministry Sponsorship #41727 – $29 per month


The Mercy Projects Christian Center in Ivankiv, Ukraine is a joint project with the local social services center. The town of Ivankiv is near the Chernobyl nuclear reactor and its fire department was the first responder to the tragic nuclear meltdown in 1986.

Sveta Kushnir is the vice director of the facility and also works with Mercy Projects. She is excited that the Center can offer Bible studies, English classes, computer lessons, and other services to the local community.

“We are so thankful that Mercy Projects Ukraine assists us in serving at-risk children,” Sveta says. “Without the support of MP, I do not know how our children could learn and grow like they do. They are so excited to come to the Center. We are a small town with not many resources. The classes and counseling available to young people and families here at the Center mean the difference between hope and despair.”

Sponsorship support for the Ivankiv Christian Center means that at-risk children in this northern Ukraine town can find the hope of faith in Christ, as well as support for accomplishing their goals. Approximately 30-50 children attend classes at the Center. Our newest project is providing services to families and soldiers returning from the conflict in eastern Ukraine. New groups of children from displaced refugee families attend classes as well.

Sveta shares, “These new children have never seen anything like the activities we offer. They love it here! One of these girls said to her mom, ‘Mom, please, let me come here every time. There are so many interesting things and so many children!'” Sveta continues, “The skills and knowledge the children receive in the Center enable them to find their way into the future. Christian lessons give them knowledge about faith in God and the love of the Lord. We are very thankful to Mercy Projects for helping us help our children.”

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