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Ukraine Winter Camp 2018

Camp is an annual event for Mercy Projects in Ukraine. When counselors and staff ask about “camp”, everybody knows what they are talking about. They are referring to that hectic and highly energized 30-day time period where three 10-day Christian camps take place back-to-back. Our Mercy Projects trained staff host these summer camps and create a very fun, unforgettable time for at-risk kids in Ukraine. In addition to our camps run by our staff, we also supported five other Christian camps in Ukraine. Our goal is that all children in the Mercy Projects Child Sponsorship Program have an opportunity (or a sibling or family member) to attend a camp.

Child Sponsorship funds partially support these camps. Each camp is organized by age group with age appropriate activities and ministries taking place. General giving to MP is combined with sponsorship funds to make the camp ministry possible.

Summer and Winter Camps are important because this is where young people make decisions to follow Christ and learn about a biblical Christian faith. Most people in Ukraine (and / or Russia) identify as Orthodox. Our policy is to simply proclaim the gospel message of Christ and then trust that the holy spirit will lead them into all truth.

Our counselors stay in touch with the kids to encourage them in their newfound faith. The MP Child Sponsorship Program and Foster Family Programs are designed to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Thank you to all those who donated either their time, finances, or prayed alongside us to reach out to these kids!

We’ve been doing these camps for 20+ years. It is wonderful to see the kids grow up and come back as counselors to reinvest in the Ukrainian youth.

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