UPDATE: Featured Family

Family Photo with KidsThank you all for the warm response to our February Newsletter about the Zagrotskyi family in Ukraine who had purchased a farmhouse for their growing foster family. We are glad to give you this update!

Give to families like these who are making a difference:



The photo shows Natalya and her children:  Max who is now 15; Katya who is 5; and three brothers—Viktor, age 9, Russ, age 4, and Nick, age 3.  Not pictured is the latest addition to the family:  a little girl with special needs from an orphanage in Eastern Ukraine.  When I visited with Natalya, she asked me to pray that they would be able to rescue this little girl.  Evidently, they were successful!

The three brothers have a little sister who is still in an orphanage and Natalya is praying about adopting her as well.  For the time being, the family’s hands are full.

Natalya, her husband Slava, and the children have moved into the small farmhouse and are very busy with renovations.  They asked if instead of applying your support to upgrading it they could purchase a used van.  We said, “Of course.”  They said living so far outside of town required that they have transportation for doctor visits and for school.

This is an amazing family and there will be future updates from them.  For now, we just wanted to let you know they received your gift.  The Zagrotskyis never asked for support from us at any time, so the money they received was a direct answer to prayer.

What an abundant blessing you have given to the children, Natalya, and Slava through your partnership with Mercy Projects.  Thank you for your ongoing love and care for “the least of these.”

-Jeff Thompson


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